by Kathy Powell

I have sold most of my property myself or co-listed. This is the first time I listed entirely with another agent. The commission was not big enough for 2 agents and the property was not going to benefit from a broader market approach. But you showed me why that was the smart thing to do for so many more reasons!

You priced it  well enough in a market that has proven to be very slow in bare land especially.

You attracted a local buyer who knows the area AND attracted immediate multiple offers and that to me shows that we were priced right. That is rare in Wallowa County and I know how property  can quickly sour on the market giving buyers the idea they can low ball.

You gracefully handled a selling agent who was distracted, mis interpreting (or not even reading?) contract terms and advising his client not to comply with agreed contract terms. I appreciate how delicate that can be in a small town.

And it went on from there!

I so appreciate you integrity and it was a real pleasure to work with you.

Thank you again, Kathy