by Eve-line Rodriguez

Joseph and I want to thank Michele for selling our house. She did an outstanding job at marketing it, working with the buyer and us to make the sale possible and keeping both parties informed about all the intricacies of the sale.

She is organized and excelled at keeping track of the paperwork that needed to be filled. She was also prompt at answering any questions and at researching information that she did not know. She was very encouraging and provided the right support to cast away any discouragement or negative feelings that might have arose during the sale.

We moved hundreds of miles away from our house and were worried about not being able to tend to minutiae that would allow its sale, however Michelle was fantastic at facilitating us. She paid close attention to detail and was kind enough to purchase new smoke detectors for our house as ours was expired; she got our gas insert fixed for us as it would not turn on when needed and the list goes on.

Michele was able to sell our house at a time when real estate sales are at their lowest! We highly recommend Michele as your real estate agent. She is amazing at her job and extremely hardworking. We are very grateful to you, thank you Michele.